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Thanks for joining me and welcome to my blog. I hope you will enjoy reading my posts and sharing your thoughts, impressions, ideas, and even experiences with me and the world! My passion and interest surrounds the aspect of PLAY!

With the focus of education being widely surrounding the common core standards and learning to the book; the concept of play has been seemingly over looked. Many believe its a waste of time, many don’t dislike the concept, but are unsure what to think about it and many believe in it a lot and spend time encouraging it in their lives. Education is important  and we all want a great education for our children, but folks it is all about BALANCE!! Children need to have a balance of school and time to play. Another thing is that parents need to be present and included in their children’s play.

In my blog, I will pose a new topic question frequently for the public to respond to. All that I ask is that we do not get judgmental, opinionated, nor negative with the submissions on here. We are here to encourage play and gain ideas from each other. Any negativity will get you blocked.

Thank You and Play On!!


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